What to expect on the Eurotier poultry booth?

Eurotier, one of the largest agri-fairs, takes place from 13 to 16 November in Hannover. Here we proudly present our latest innovations for poultry farming. We would like to invite you to visit our stand (Hall 17, booth F55) for an extensive demonstration of our innovations. What can you expect?

MS Hatchfog Ultra

MS Hatchfog Ultra

The MS Hatchfog Ultra is an alternative to disinfecting hatching eggs with formaldehyde and / or corrosive disinfectants. The combination of the disinfectant and the method of application is less harmful to animals, humans and materials. Disinfection is of great importance not only for broilers. We also see many areas where eggs are stored that are disinfected with formalin. Formalin is a very powerful agent that is easy to use but is particularly harmful to humans and the environment. For this we have launched an alternative on the market; MS Hatchfog Ultra. A machine that spreads a solution of water and disinfectant through ultrasonic nebulisation (the smallest of its kind) through space. As a result, you have perfectly clean, dry eggs and it is ready within half an hour. We use a non-hazardous disinfectant.

Clean drinking water    

Clean drinking water is important to keep healthy animals and Total Water Care contributes perfectly to that. MS Total Water Care is a 100% automated system that improves and guarantees your water quality. MS Total Water Care provides clean drinking water and a correct dosing of additives after single programming per round. MS Total Water Care consists of 3 elements. First, the water is cleaned by chlorine dioxide. Then the acidity is restored by the MS Goldfeed range. Finally, there are a number of additives such as vitamins and minerals (the MS Flexfeed range) that can be administered.
The pump can be read out, the water and acid consumption can be followed via Mijn Schippers. MS Total Water Care ensures an effective and constantly clean drinking water supply.

Cleaning and disinfection

We have a wide range of soaking products for stables and in recent years we have been working hard on an extensive range for transport equipment, hatcheries and the organic sector. An example of this is MS Topfoam LC Fresh, this is a soaking product for the stubborn typical pollution as it occurs in hatcheries and broiler houses. MS Topfoam LC Fresh makes cleaning easier.

Our disinfection offer has also been broadened for various purposes within the poultry sector. Like the MS Megades Novo, this is a registered disinfectant for use in animal residences and transport equipment for animals.


With the threat of African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza, biosecurity has become more than important. A right protocol for everyone who enters the company is the only way to achieve a good biosecurity. We are happy to inform you more about the right resources in your protocol. An example of this is the MS Kiemkill, which is a powdered disinfectant for combating avian influenza and African swine fever. MS Kiemkill is provided with a color indicator, which shows the effectiveness of MS Kiemkill in solution with water.

Visit our booth for more information about our innovations.

MS Schippers
Hal 17, stand F55

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