Wageningen University & Research and MS Schippers join forces

Master class antibiotic reduction through hygiene management

Wageningen, November 2019 – Wageningen University & Research and MS Schippers have developed a new master class to create awareness and stimulate behavior change on antibiotic prevention and reduction. Implementation of proper hygiene management show significant results, also proven in scientific research. However, habits are hard to overcome.

During the four-day master class, experts from the pig sector share their expertise regarding hygiene management at and around pig farms. This education leads to more awareness among the participants about the importance of hygiene. It also brings practical knowledge to improve the situation on farms and to reduce the use of antibiotics. International farmers and farming conglomerates will participate in the master class.

In addition to several MS Schippers hygiene experts, dr. Annemarie Rebel and ing. Robert Hoste will illustrate the impact of hygiene on pig health and the use of antibiotics from a health and economic perspective. Rebel is head of Animal Health and Welfare Department within Wageningen Livestock Research, part of Wageningen University & Research. Hoste is a senior pig production economist at Wageningen Economic Research.


Ing. Robert Hoste                                                                                                      Dr. Annemarie Rebel

The master class fits MS Schippers’ vision to increase the health status of companies through a planned hygiene approach while boosting the return for entrepreneurs. The master class has multiple interfaces with HyCare from MS Schippers. With this unique approach, farmers can considerably reduce the infection pressure with simple stable adjustments and structured procedures. Due to our focus on prevention, the risk of disease in all animal categories will decrease, and companies will need fewer antibiotics for treatments.


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