The bar for soaking agents has been set a little higher

MS Schippers raises the bar for soaking agents in livestock housing with the introduction of MS Topfoam Power. A long contact time combined with a more powerful reaction improves this products’ results compared to the current generation of soaking products.

MS Schippers has a long tradition of making and improving cleaning agents for pig, poultry and cattle housing. The line of ‘Topfoam’ products, which has its origins in the livestock sector, uses the power of foam; this ensures a long and deep adhesion making high-pressure cleaning with water shorter and more effective.

Many suppliers determine the power of their agents based on the number of germs on the walls. According to Bart Nijhof, researcher at MS Schippers, this is not a reliable method for foam-based products. That is why MS Schippers recently purchased test equipment similar to that used by TNO. “This allows us to determine the cleaning effect much more accurately and reliably. The principle is that the equipment cleans a plate with stubborn soiling in a standardized way. “This way, we can accurately compare the effect of soaking agents.”

Highest possible score

The developers of MS Schippers have used the equipment to test existing products and work on a new top line. This resulted in the MS Topfoam Power. “The score of Topfoam Power is about 30% higher than the best products on the market. This is unique for this type of product.” Thanks to its improved reaction, the product has a lower processing time during cleaning and (consequently) there is less water in the drain.

The exact reaction of the improved cleaning power is a secret. Nijhof would like to point out, however, that especially the approach to fats has been changed. “This is the crux of good cleaning of livestock housing, compared to a more industrial environment where many other products find their origins.”

MS Topfoam Power is, therefore, the new standard in the premium segment of soaking products. According to Global Marketing Manager Constantijn Viezee, it will take years before competitors are on an equal footing. “This is because, unlike MS Schippers, large chemical companies do not usually have a 100% focus on professional livestock farming.

Correct application

With this top product MS Schippers has three levels of agents, each with its own price/quality and application advice. Viezee expects MS Topfam Power to be used primarily in companies where hygiene and health are embedded in the system. This is especially the case on pig and poultry farms, but it can also be used in cattle farming. “And, of course, Topfoam Power is for companies that work with the MS Schippers’ HyCare-method.

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