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The Grand Valley Fortifiers (GVF) group of companies is pleased to announce a new alliance that has been formed between Schippers Canada Ltd. and Farmers Farmacy® (a company within the GVF group of companies).
Launching on September 1st, 2017, Farmers Farmacy® will become the master distributor of the MS Schippers’ HyCare™ focus products including: MS Topfoam, MS T&T Cleaner, MS Megades Novo, MS Drycare Plus, MS Goldmix pH, Di-o-clean, MS Equal Coating, MS Support and Hoof Care.

With Farmers Farmacy® recent move to a 23,000 square foot “Costco style” facility at 455 Dobbie Drive in Cambridge Ontario, there is significant capacity to take on the sale and distribution of MS Schippers products within Ontario. Utilizing Farmers Farmacy® storage and retail space, logistics and distribution and knowledgeable customer service staff, Schippers Canada Ltd. is confident that their existing customers will continue to have ready access and timely delivery of the MS Schippers HyCare™ products they have grown to know and appreciate. Over time Farmers Farmacy® will seek to integrate additional MS Schippers products that will incorporate well with their product offering.

In addition to forming an alliance between Schippers Canada Ltd. and Farmers Farmacy®, the GVF group of companies is pleased to announce the joining of both Paul and Arianne de Rond to their team. The de Rond’s immigrated to Ontario from the Netherlands five years ago with Paul becoming a Schippers Canada Ltd. HyCare™ Specialist who services the hygiene and animal care needs of swine, poultry and dairy producers in Ontario. Paul’s wife, Arianne has been responsible for the receiving, inventorying and distribution of MS Schippers products in Ontario. The new GVF roles for Paul and Arianne de Rond will focus on animal nutrition, farm audits and on-farm trial support, as well as include the on-going support of MS Schippers product sales and service, now through Farmers Farmacy®.

The GVF group of companies and MS Schippers group of companies are both second generation family businesses that focus on providing leading edge nutritional, hygiene, animal care, and equipment products to livestock and poultry producers. Both of these companies have a mission to allow family farms to be more profitable and to create healthy and safe meat, milk and eggs that meet consumers’ desires. With much aligned missions and focuses, both GVF and Schippers Canada Ltd. are confident that this alliance will be long-term and beneficial for the producers of Eastern Canada.

The GVF group of companies includes Grand Valley Fortifiers, Farmers Farmacy®, Direct Source Commodities, Fortified Nutrition Limited, True Foods and Valley Feeds. These companies and the teams within them work holistically and synergistically with hundreds of family farms in Canada and the United States with the core purposes of profitable farms, healthy food and improved lives.

MS Schippers Canada Ltd. with its head office in Lacombe County, Alberta, operates nationwide. They are part of the MS Schippers group of companies, based in the Netherlands, an internationally high-regarded innovator and supplier of hygiene and animal care solutions to the livestock farming community.

Looking at the MS Schippers’ 50-year corporate history, they now operate in 41 countries, in 14 of which they have offices. The development of their well-researched HyCare™ principles has made them a world leader in sustainable livestock farm management practices through hygiene improvements. Livestock farmers using the MS Schippers HyCare™ products and methods experience significant benefits in animal health, their farm’s financial results and ease of working. Above all the HyCare™ principles are recognized as a major essential element when working towards Antibiotic Free livestock farming.

We believe this new alliance will be a real advantage for producers of meat, milk and eggs. Please call and find out how producers can benefit from the knowledge, service and products our teams offer.



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Farmers Farmacy® is a division of the GVF Group of Companies151 Savage Dr. Cambridge ON
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