MS Schippers invests in two new HyCare research facilities

In September 2018 MS Schippers bought a poultry and dairy farm. Both companies serve as a research facility and practical training centre for the poultry and cattle sectors. The goal is to apply a total concept for good hygiene and care (HyCare) and to develop new, innovative products. This multi-million investment follows two months after MS Schippers, together with Rabobank and Van Loon Group, has established a HyCare investment fund for pig farmers.

Million investment in animal health and research

Mart Smolders, project manager HyCare within MS Schippers, is pleased:

“We are convinced of our HyCare method, which focuses on optimum hygiene in order to structurally improve animal health, food safety and animal welfare.”

In Bladel we already have a research location for piglets and fattening pigs. We also carry out intensive research to obtain test results and further optimise our HyCare method. With the purchase of a poultry and dairy farm, we are also able to carry out research for these sectors. ”

Joost van den Borne, R&D manager at MS Schippers and Healthy Farming lecturer at HAS University of Applied Sciences, also emphasises the added value:

“There are still many opportunities to improve animal health and well-being by reducing infection pressure and increasing the resilience of farm animals.”

“By investing in new R & D facilities and additional staffing on innovation projects, we expect to be able to make a structural contribution to this. In these projects we will also collaborate with research institutes, other companies and various stakeholders such as retail and non-governmental organisation.”

HyCare poultry

As of January 2019, MS Schippers will become the owner of a poultry farm at Dalem 40 in Hapert. This research facility has 5 stables for housing 110,000 broilers.

HyCare poultryfarm

MS Schippers will adjust the facilities so that they comply with the HyCare method. It also invests in research facilities. Thomas Mallens, Division Manager for Poultry, explains: “The aim is to conduct in-depth research into the HyCare method, which will greatly improve health in the poultry chain. This includes hygiene and natural health promoters (water additives). The poultry farm will also serve as a practical training center for the Poultry division of MS Schippers. We can use the obtained knowledge and research results to further improve our products and advice.” The current owners, Martijn and Monique Lamers, continue to carry out the work at the company.

HyCare dairy cattle

In June 2018 MS Schippers opened the first HyCare dairy cattle stable in Knegsel. This autumn, MS Schippers will become the owner of a research facility located at Hulselseweg 5 in Bladel. It is a young dairy farm (7 years old), equipped with two milking robots, where approximately 120 cows can be milked.

HyCare dairy farm

MS Schippers will set up this company according to the HyCare method for dairy cattle and will serve as a research location and training centre for the cattle division.  Wilco de Crom, Division Manager for Cattle: “At the HyCare location in Knegsel, we are working on a future-proof business management. Due to a low infection pressure in the stable and an extremely good care of the cows, goals such as a longer life span, increased cow health and better results are achieved. With this new location we are able to carry out further research, which will make a further contribution to the reduction of infectious diseases, which can make the cows much older. This location will also serve as a practical training centre, where we will even have internal accommodation.” MS Schippers is looking for a suitable manager for this location.

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