MS Korund: taking hoof care from curative to preventive

MS Korund zilveren medaille winnaar

MS Korund

In order to detect hoof problems early on, the early viewing of the claw is the solution. In order to do this, MS Schippers has developed a complete approach called MS Korund. MS Korund is the only system that preventively registers the claw model to take care of the right claw at the right time. The innovation MS Korund won a silver innovation medal in 2018 at EuroTier.


In recent decades, the appearance and severity of hoof problems have increased sharply with many detrimental consequences for the animal and the farmer. Hoof problems cause extreme pain, stress and lameness in the cow. The primary cause of this problem is that many dairy farmers unwittingly perform hoof maintenance as a curative measure instead of a preventive one according to Dr Andrea Fiedler (Praxisgemeinschaft für

“As part of our practice, we conducted studies which indicated that roughly 60% of hooves from animals that were actually considered low-risk by farmers were already in need of curative care and had problems that needed to be resolved through hoof care.”

This means that many cows receive hoof maintenance too late, with many adverse consequences such as:

  • Weight-bearing and hygiene problems caused by a change in the shape of the hoof.
  • Strongly increased costs in the fields of work, medicine use, veterinary services and hoof care technician services
  • Lower milk production
  • Decrease in the functional lifetime of dairy cows due to forced removal
  • Dairy cows unable to support their weight

MS Korund consists of two primary components:

1. MS Hoof Scan

This scan unit photographs and analyses the model of the hoof each week through the use of ultrasound technology. It simultaneously weighs the hoof. This information is automatically linked to the farmer’s management system. Based on the photos and the
weight, the system determines the appropriate time to provide hoof maintenance and care.

2. MS Hoof Care Box including hoof washer

The Hoof Care Box can be adjusted to the desired work height of the hoof care technician. The cow’s foot is also placed onto a fixed brace, which prevents the cow from kicking. The integrated washing brush ensures that the hooves of the cow are actually clean prior to being trimmed. This all contributes to a clean and safe work environment.

The advantages of this approach:

  • Individual animal recognition via RFID in the hoof scan and hoof care box
  • Weekly monitoring of the model and weight for each cow
  • Hoof model determined using an ultrasound scan
  • Automatic link to the management system
  • Automatic notification and selection when a cow needs to receive hoof care
  • No cows experiencing the pain and stress of lameness
  • Fewer ad-hoc situations for the farmer, hoof care technician and veterinarian
  • Longer functional lifetime for the dairy cow enabled by an increase in lactations
  • Decreased work pressure
  • Clean and safe work environment

MS Korund is the only system that preventively registers the claw model to take care of the right claw at the right time. MS Korund is better for animals, people and the environment.

MS Korund in practise

MS Korund is focused on preventive hoof care for cows. It is an automated system to keep better track of dairy cattle, specifically of their hoof health. In this way, each cow can receive prompt treatment from the hoof care technician at the right time.


Each day, the cows walk from the milking stall to the stall via the return walkway. At the beginning of the return walkway, the cows walk through a selection gate. At the selection gate, there is a scan plate, where animal ID recognition is performed using their ear tags. Several cows that have just been milked do not walk directly to the stall, but will be separated and led to the Hoof Scan (see image).
At the Hoof Scan, the hooves are in a layer of water. An ultrasound scan creates a hoof model starting from the bottom of the hoof. Next, the weight of the cow is recorded using the integrated weighing system. The photos and weight measurements are automatically analysed,
during which the system determines whether there are any deviations. At the next scheduled hoof care treatment time, the cows with deviations will be separated into the hoof care box area.

If the cow is in the Hoof Care Box (see image), it will be immediately recognised by the ID recognition from the ear tag. The hoof care
technician is immediately shown a history of data, photos, and weight measurements on their tablet/mobile and then determines
which treatment is required. The cow is hydraulically lifted in the box automatically and brought to the correct work height. The cow’s hoof is also hydraulically lifted to the proper position and height.

The integrated Hoof Washer (see image) cleans the hoof, after which a photo is taken that is added to the cow’s file. After the hoof has been cared for, another photo is taken and added to the file.



Once this preventive hoof care is complete, the cow leaves the Hoof Care Box and rejoins the other dairy cows.

Watch the video to see how MS Korund works.

MS Korund is the only system that preventively registers the claw model to take care of the right claw at the right time. MS Korund is better for animals, people and the environment.


  • A solution that monitors and maintains the hoof of the cow before hoof issues arise

Practical significance

  • Can be applied at any dairy farm that features a milking system with separate walkway for returning to the stall
  • The integrated software promptly detects deviations in the hoof model
    • Automatic link to the management system
    • Fewer ad-hoc situations such as acute treatment of cows suffering from lameness
  • Decreased work pressure because cows are automatically scanned each week
  • Better performing cows, decreased veterinary costs, higher milk production and increased functional lifetime of the cow

Animal Welfare

  • Weekly monitoring for each cow
  • Prevents problems related to the weight bearing of hooves and infections
  • Each cow receives the care that it needs at the appropriate time
  • No cows suffering from lameness = more comfort and decreased pain/stress
  • The cow remains healthy and is less susceptible to udder infection and fertility problems
  • Higher functional lifetime of the cows

Operating affordability

  • Automatic monitoring and assessment of the hoof and weight
    • Each cow receives care at the right time
    • More structure in the work process
  • Curative hoof issues are prevented
    • Decreased veterinary costs, longer functional lifetime of the cow, fewer calves
    • Higher milk production, more lactations
    • Higher yield
    • Higher job satisfaction

Environment and energy consumption

  • Longer functional lifetime = fewer calves/more cows
  • An older cow yields more kg of milk per lactation when compared to cow after its 1st calf
  • Less energy required per kg of milk
  • Decreased CO2, NH3 and phosphate emissions per kg of milk
  • Healthier hooves = fewer/no footbaths
  • Less formaline
  • Less copper
  • Less usage of other aggressive/environmentally hazardous products

Labour saving & health and safety

  • Monitoring of hoof health is automatic and does not cost any time
  • Photos and weight are automatically linked to the management system
  • This structure yields far fewer ad-hoc situations, which demand a lot of time
  • The farmer consistently loses less time, because there are fewer curative issues to handle
  • The hoof care box is placed at the correct working height
  • The cow cannot kick because the foot is secured in a double brace
  • Decreases the risk of accidents during hoof care
  • The integrated hoof washer results in a truly clean hoof
  • Working cleanly = working safely
  • Decreased work pressure / less stress / higher job satisfaction


  • The automated system promptly provides the livestock farmer with a real-time image of the current health situation of the hooves in the dairy cattle
  • The farmer can process more information more easily
  • The farmer spends less time inspecting the cows
  • The farmer only has cows in the hoof care box that actually require care

MS Korund

MS Korund zilveren medaille winnaar

Prevents any prospective hoof issues in the
early stages
Automated process thanks to animal ID
Results in a longer functional lifetime of the
dairy cattle
Much higher job satisfaction


MS Hoof Scan

Ultrasound scan
Automatic link to the management system
No work for the farmer
Expansion with additional options is possible (such as weighing, temperature)





MS Hoof Care Box

Works according to work and environmental
health and safety laws
Automatic link to the management system
Integrated washing brush (MS Hoof Washer)




MS Hoof Washer

Works according to work and environmental health and safety laws
Integrated into MS Hoof Care Box
Optimum washing
Clean, more precise work




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