“Megades Novo is disinfection 2.0!”

The constant threat of African Swine Fever and the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) is shaking things up. Time and again, stables and animal transport vehicles have to be thoroughly disinfected. All to minimize infection pressure and reduce health risks for livestock.

MS Megades Novo is suitable for clear disinfection of both stables and transport vehicles. MS Megades Novo is a unique adhesive foam that provides superior wetting and depth, thanks to a special mixture of surfactants. Even at a temperature of 0 °C, disinfection is completed 5 minutes after applying the powerful foaming agent. A wide spectrum of bacteria, yeasts and viruses in cleaned trucks or cattle, pig and poultry housing has already been eliminated.

Proper disinfection of animal transport vehicles is possible at temperatures will below freezing point, says HyCare Project Leader Arjan Wermink of MS Schippers. “MEG Anti-freeze can be added to MS Megades Novo dissolved in water. This keeps the disinfectant active.

Despite its powerful disinfecting effect, MS Megades Novo is safe for the materials to be treated. It is non corrosive: materials are not affected and no discoloration occurs. Appropriate gloves, overalls and respiratory protective equipment must of course still be worn during the foaming. After a minimum operating time of 5 minutes, the disinfectant should be rinsed thoroughly.

The disinfecting substances in MS Megades Novo are quaternary ammonium compounds and glutaraldehyde. This latter substance is used amongst others to sterilize medical equipment and operating rooms. Quaternary ammonium compounds are more often used in the food industry. These substances are active against a whole range of germs and work in a wide temperature range.

MS Megades Novo forms an important part of HyCare and the hygiene approach of MS Schippers. Using these disinfectants, livestock farmers introduce disinfection 2.0 in their stables.


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