Innovations and new developments for the pig sector at EuroTier

EuroTier, Europe’s largest international fair for the agricultural sector, takes place this year from 13 to 16 November in Hannover. The MS Schippers booth for the pig sector can be found in Hall 16, Stand C08. We will present our latest innovations on animal health and animal welfare at this booth.

‘We want to raise awareness of a hygienic approach in pig farming and are happy to share the latest developments in this area with the visitors to this fair.’

Germfree environment

This is how we present the MS Greenline at EuroTier. A quick and effective tool to easily clean and disinfect stables. The MS Greenline can be connected to a high pressure cleaner and then you can foam, rinse and disinfect in one operation. The simple operation ensures accurate dosing and safe use of cleaning and disinfection products, since there is no direct contact with the product. Further development of the MS Greenline has led to the MS Greenline Quattro. MS Maggot Death can easily be applied via the MS Greenline Quattro. MS Maggoth Death prevents maggots from growing into adults flies.

Clean drinking water

In addition to cleaning and disinfection, clean drinking water for pigs also plays an important role in health. Unfortunately, this is often underestimated. “In many cases, products such as chlorine are used to clean the water pipes. Chlorine changes the taste of the drinking water, which often results in a reduced intake of drinking water. That is why we have developed Di-O-Clean. Via a pump, Di-O-Clean is added to the drinking water line in the correct dosage, without affecting the taste of the water “, says Mart Smolders. The MS Schippers pump system allows additional acid to be administered in addition to Di-O-Clean. The addition of additives improves the intestinal health of the animals.

HyCare at EuroTier


In order to achieve optimal animal health, other factors also play an important role in addition to thorough cleaning and disinfection and water treatment. “Think of non-porous floors and walls and preventive pest control. We address all of the above factors with the HyCare method. With HyCare we strive for better animal health, growth, feedcosts and less use of antibiotics. The method can easily be applied in any pig stable without major investments, “says Mart Smolders. HyCare has already led to amazing results in German, Dutch and Belgian pig houses.

We are happy to welcome you at our booth!

MS Schippers
EuroTier: Hall 16, Stand C08

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