Golden Animal Welfare Award for MS Korund on EuroTier

Today at EuroTier, during the press conference, it was announced that MS Korund is the winner of the Golden Animal Welfare Award. The medal will be awarded on November 15 at EuroTier. MS Korund is an innovative comprehensive approach in which the claw model is preventively registered and analyzed, so that the right claw can be taken care of at the right time.

The importance of MS Korund

MS Korund is an automated system that provides preventive instead of curative claw care. According to Professor Dr. Andrea Fiedler many dairy farmers belief that they preventively take care of claws once or twice per year. In practice, however, it appears that curative treatment is required in more than 60% of these cases. The cow therefore experiences claw problems.

“Over the past decades, the emergence and severity of claw problems has increased considerably, with many negative consequences for animals and livestock farmers. Claw problems cause pain, stress and lameness in the cow.”

“The main reason for this is that many dairy farmers unknowingly take care of the claws curatively instead of preventively, “says Wilco de Crom, European Division Manager Dairy.

MS Korund

MS Korund zilveren medaille winnaar

MS Korund

MS Korund provides an automatic selection of cows that are in need of claw care. After milking they have to walk through the Hoof Scan. The cow is recognized on the basis of Animal-ID, so that it can be linked to the livestock farmer’s management system. Ultrasonic photographs are taken of the claw model and the weight is recorded. Based on these data, the system software determines whether there are significant deviations, which means that the cow can be separated and provided early at a subsequent care moment. Animal-ID recognition takes place in the Hoof Care box. The hoof trimmer immediately has access to all the information of the cow in question. An automatic washing module and the fact that the Hoof Care Box ┬ácan be set on the right work height of the hoof trimmer, gives a clean, safe and hygienic work environment.┬áRead more about MS Korund here and watch the animation video here.

Silver and gold

MS Korund had already won a beautiful silver innovation medal at EuroTier and this gold medal is the icing on the cake. “If you talk about animal welfare, the preventive hoof trimming and care of the cows certainly contributes to this. That is why in recent years we have also invested a lot in claw care and claw health. We are therefore very proud of achieving this beautiful golden Animal Welfare Award “, says Wilco de Crom.


Reward of innovativeness

MS Schippers is convinced with these recognitions that investing in new developments is rewarded. Wilco de Crom agrees: “Every day we visit professional farmers and we ask the question: how can we ensure that livestock farmers can carry out their work better or easier. We discuss these ideas with our R&D department. MS Korund is a perfect example of a practical innovation that has been developed with a collaboration between a number of dairy farmers, hoof trimmers, an international software supplier and MS Schippers. We are very proud of that!”

MS Korund can be seen live on EuroTier!
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