MS Korund silver medal winner at EuroTier

This year the international fair EuroTier takes place from 13.11.2018 – 16.11.2018 in Hannover. MS Schippers is again represented and this year with its own dairy booth. You will find us in Hall 11, booth B20.

We will present many innovations around the topic of hoof care this year. Wilco de Crom, European Division Manager Dairy Cattle at MS Schippers, says, “We want to raise awareness about preventative hoof care in cattle and share new inspiration and ideas with visitors.”

“At EuroTier, we are happy to share our goal: a longer and more productive life for dairy cows.”

“We achieve this through optimal hygiene and proper care of the cows in critical phases,” says Wilco de Crom.

MS Korund

MS Korund zilveren medaille winnaar

MS Korund

MS Schippers will introduce the MS Korund at EuroTier. With this innovation, we won the silver medal for best innovation.

MS Korund is an innovative overall approach, in which the claw model is registered and analyzed preventively. So that the right claw can be taken care of at the right time.



MS Optima

In addition, MS Schippers focuses on automating labor-intensive processes as much as possible.

Wilco de Crom: “We do this, among other things, by feeding supplementary feed to the cow during the transition phase in an automated process. Research has shown that cows have less health problems.



Clean drinking water

We also like to show you our solution for clean drinking water. Since a cow has a higher daily drinking water intake than feed intake, it is of great importance that you also provide your animals with clean and germ-free drinking water. “Di-O-Clean removes the biofilm in the water pipes and prevents its formation in continuous use.

Di-O-Clean has a PT05 registration and is therefore approved for the continuous cleaning of drinking water systems in animal husbandry. Di-O-Clean has no influence on the smell and taste of the drinking water and leaves no residue in the drinking water pipes.

In short … enough reasons to visit the booth of MS Schippers at the EuroTier.

MS Schippers
EuroTier: Hall 11, Booth B20

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