Disinfectant deals quickly with African swine fever

MS Megades Novo from MS Schippers passes independent tests for combatting the African swine fever (ASF). Pig farming now has an important weapon against the disease, which is causing a great deal of damage in several parts of the world.

The rapid spread of the ASF virus requires the global pig sector to take measures to contain the virus. A number of methods are known in which the hygiene of people, animals, and materials plays an important role. Proper cleaning and disinfection are crucial. However, many disinfectants have so far proven to be ineffective against ASF.

In recent years, MS Schippers has invested in the knowledge and application of disinfectants against the ASF virus. This resulted in a very effective product: MS Megades Novo. It is the only effective tool on the market that does not damage materials, such as the paintwork of trucks.

Complete elimination

MS Megades Novo is a foaming, powerful disinfectant that is approved for the control of bacteria, yeasts, and viruses in housing and means of transport. It has a number of components that come from the medical world and the human food industry.

The drug effectiveness was examined by two independent institutes. It has been known for some time that the product eliminates bacteria and viruses completely at a dosage of 0.75% and with a soaking time of 5 minutes. The Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom recently tested its effectiveness against the ASF virus. The tests showed that at a dosage of 0.25% the drug killed more than 99% of this virus, also at 4 degrees Celsius and 5 minutes of exposure.

Practical conditions

These results show that MS Megades Novo has a proven track record in the control of the dreaded pig disease. Important: the test was made in practice conditions with a concentration, temperature and contact time that farmers also use. In the world of disinfection research, this is far from always being the case; there are tests with up to 24 hours of application time.

Pig, poultry and cattle farmers use the product on their own farms mainly to improve bio-security and health status. The product is widely applicable and safe for materials, despite its strong disinfecting action. Of course it goes perfectly together with the MS Schippers HyCare system.


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