15 Golden Rules of Biosecurity – African Swine Fever

How to prevent African Swine Fever

At MS Schippers we have years of experience in dealing with (African) Swine Fever. Based in the Netherlands, we had our fair share in the nineties and have been learning ever since. Because of that, we believe that prevention is the best medicine in combatting this disease.

Go above and beyond to keep the infection outside and if, by any chance, you find an infected animal, make 100% sure it doesn’t spread around your facilities.

15 Golden Rules of Biosecurity

We developed a 15-step approach in preventing Afrian Swine Fever. It is a combination of specialized products, general hygiene measures and decent Animal Health Management, the foundation of your farm.

Hence, you can download our 15-Golden Rules poster below. Don’t forget to check the grocery list.

Grocery list to prevent African Swine Fever

Articlenumber Name Category
M4209872 Polyester broom Colored 1, 9
M4209878 Polypropylene shovel Colored 1, 9
M4209885 Plastic floor squeegee Colored 1, 9
M3409778 MS syringe- and medicine box Colored 1, 9
M3408701 MS Sorting Panel Colored 1, 9
M5504533 Jolly clog Colored 1, 9
M3409680 MS Sorting Paddle Colored 1, 9
M5509930 MS Disinfection boot PU 1,9, 11
2309879 MS Aza-Fly 2
2409928 Plastic, Rat Bait Station 2
2409929-10 Plastic Rattrap 2
2307831 MS Maggot Death Plus 2
2309329 PlusZap Fly lamp aluminium, 16 W 2
M6309967 Coating 3
3609550 Dispenser for MS Skinclean 4, 11
3609335 Soap Dispenser MS 1000 4, 11
3609813 MS Shower- and hairshampoo 4, 11
3609333 Paperdispenser 4, 11
2509899 MS Megades Novo 5, 6, 10, 14
0809993. High pressure spray lance 5, 10
0809890. MS Greenline 5, 10
807085 MS Foam lance 5, 10
M8804923 Spare foam lance MS Greenline 5, 10
2509941 MS T&T Cleaner 5
2509480 Disinfection Gate 5
2509949 Disinfection mat in cover 6
2509877 MS Kiemkill tabs 7
2503700 MS Foot disinfectant tray 7
3009882 Carcass cooling cabinet 4 barrels 8
3009541 MS Mobile carcass barrel 8
2509773 MS Topfoam Fresh 10
2508150 Boot-Jet Boot Cleaner 11
2505850 Boots cleaner extra 11
3605712 MS Washing powder 12
5505184-50 Disposal plastic overboot 13
5603836 Disposable overall 13
M4504400 Vinyl glove short 13
4508450 MS Corridor 14

About African Swine Fever

(Source: The Pig Site)

African swine fever (ASF) resembles classical swine fever (CSF) (hog cholera) so closely that laboratory tests are required to differentiate them. The clinical signs and post-mortem lesions of the two diseases are almost indistinguishable. ASF is caused by a unique virus which is distinct from that of CSF and which infects only domestic and wild pigs and a variety of soft bodied ticks. The virus is endemic in Africa south of the equator, in warthogs and bush pigs, but the infection in them produces no clinical disease. It circulates between warthogs and the soft bodied ticks which inhabit their burrows. The ticks transmit it through all stages of their life cycle and perpetuate it. It is also endemic in the domestic pigs of some African countries.


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